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Eliminate paper invoices and speed up your vendor invoice processing times by entering and approving invoices from your Email Inbox. Use SquareWorks’ OCR Technology to automatically capture invoice details into NetSuite. Improve your controls by using the most powerful Real-Time 3-Way Match validation engine and audit trail.

Automated Data Capture via OCR and AI.

When you upload vendor invoices, our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology will scan each document and auto-populate as many details as possible using advanced AI algorithms to quickly identify and match data like vendor information, invoice number and line items.

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Capture Invoices from your Inbox.

Say goodbye to printing invoices or manually batching invoices together. Forward those PDF invoices from your Inbox right into NetSuite.

Review Invoices Directly within NetSuite.

Easily review bills directly on your native Vendor Bill form without leaving NetSuite. With SquareWorks’ Automate, you can leverage native NetSuite functionality as part of your AP process.


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Flexible OCR Processing Rules.

Configure SquareWorks’ Automate to automatically take actions based on values found during the OCR scanning process. Quickly adjust business logic by defining rules such as auto-filling subsidiary values or auto-assigning invoice queue users to speed up your processing time.

Features & Highlights

Allows users to upload vendor invoices into NetSuite from their Email Inbox or by using Drag-and-Drop

Simplifies the invoice detail capture process by enabling the most powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology combined with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to auto-fill all vendor invoice details without the need to maintain OCR Templates

Improves financial controls by integrating SquareWorks’ proprietary approval engine for invoices and purchase orders

Validates that Vendor Bills and/or Receipts match Purchase Orders and are in compliance with predefined thresholds using SquareWorks’ Real-Time 3-Way Match Technology

Delivers a full audit trail of every approval step in the AP Process

Simplifies the implementation and maintenance due to the solution being 100% NetSuite-Native. There are no integrations to maintain

Allows users to scan documents with our OCR technology in English, Spanish, French, German, and more. For a full list of languages, read more here.

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The most advanced AP invoice automation engine built 100% for NetSuite

Customer Success Story

Ultivue Updated

Through the use of SquareWorks AI-Enabled OCR & Invoice Scanning, Ultivue was able to streamline their Accounts Payable process by eliminating paper invoices, automating vendor invoice approval routing and introducing Email approvals for everyone in the company.

From day one, I was able to take on more work because SquareWorks AI-Enabled OCR & Invoice Scanning was able to automate the approval process. This automation was a huge step for us and now we can do more things for the company.

Christine Legal, Former Staff Accountant, Ultivue

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