Sales & Distribution made easy with NetSuite

Centralize all key distribution business processes in a single system in order to maximize efficiency. Leverage powerful pre-built WMS and logistics integrations to pick, pack and ship as quickly as possible. Simplify demand planning with easy access to data and native inventory management tools.

Wholesale Distribution Best Practices

Customers & Sales Orders

Seamlessly integrated CRM and Order to Cash processes to ensure high lead conversion rates and excellent visibility into the lead-to-order business process. Complete customer lifecycle management.

Purchasing & Inventory

Advanced inventory management tools to simplify demand planning and help avoid overstock/understock and dead inventory. Multi-company and multi-warehouse inventory management solution.

Fulfillment Optimization

Flexible fulfillment (pick/pack/ship) process allows NetSuite to be tailored to your company's specific needs. Native barcode and lot/bin capabilities. Integrated shipping tools with logistic partners like FedEx and UPS.

Work Order Management

Highly configurable assembly and work order processes allow for effective management of light manufacturing tasks, including kitting. Easily configurable templates allow for customization of order fulfillment needs.

eCommerce & Integrations

Powerful built-in eCommerce tools make NetSuite a great back-end for B2B and B2C websites. Availability of API's and pre-built integration tools to enable integrations with 3PL's in a very simple way.

SquareWorks Proven Industry Experience

Wholesale Distribution Consulting Experience

Combined experience of more than 20 years working with Wholesale Distribution businesses with multiple successful NetSuite implementations. Consulting experience with Global Fortune 500 companies, building an in-depth knowledge of domestic and overseas procurement and logistics processes.

NetSuite Certifications & Processes

SuiteSuccess certification for all Wholesale Distribution-related NetSuite SKU’s, including extensive experience with complex demand planning, inventory management requirements, inventory cost accounting, and light manufacturing requirements.

Wholesale Distribution Application Ecosystem

Experience with 3PL integrations, external WMS solutions, and several logistics platforms. Experience integrating Deposco and DSI WMS, as well as Sales Tax automation solutions such as Avalara.

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