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Understanding OCR Accuracy for Seamless Invoice Processing in NetSuite

June 27, 2024

Gone are the days of manually entering invoices in NetSuite. Now, you can process invoices much faster with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which converts scanned or digital invoices into machine-readable formats. While OCR speeds up invoice processing, it's crucial to understand its accuracy in handling those invoices. Join this virtual event to learn how to speed up your invoice processing in NetSuite and ensure high OCR accuracy.

Past Events

Transform the Way You Pay Your Bills in NetSuite

May 22, 2024

As technology progresses, traditional payment methods like checks are being replaced by modern alternatives such as Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs), wire transfers, and ACH payment. This transition prompts businesses to assess factors like cost efficiency, speed, and accessibility to enhance their payment processes. Join us for a webinar on May 22nd at 12 PM ET and see how SquareWorks Automate streamlines accounts payable processes by accelerating invoice processing, automating approvals, and simplifying payments with flexible methods such as ACH or Check Printing, without ever leaving NetSuite.

Transform Your Month-End with AI-Enabled OCR and Automated Workflows Directly in NetSuite

March 6, 2024

Join us for an upcoming webinar on March 6th at 12 PM ET and explore the secrets to efficient invoice processing, a streamlined approval process, and a simplified vendor onboarding system, all within NetSuite. Discover how a multi-country biotech company transformed its financial operations by implementing SquareWorks’ AP Automation Suite, revolutionizing their invoice workflows and ensuring a smooth month-end closure.

Unleash the Power of Payment Automation from Bill Capture to Bill Payment without leaving NetSuite

December 7, 2023

Join our exclusive webinar to explore seamless payment automation within NetSuite. Discover the transformative power of SquareWorks' AP Automation Suite as we guide you from bill capture to payment initiation, all without leaving the NetSuite interface. Be inspired by a real-world success story, where a client achieved an 80% efficiency gain, eliminating manual entry hassles. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your workflow – register now and unlock the secrets to effortless payment automation!

Fast-Track Your 2024 Budget: Elevate & Scale NetSuite with a Fully Automated AP & Cash Flow Process

November 14, 2023

Join us to discover how integrating NetSuite ERP with Paystand, alongside SquareWorks NetSuite-native AP Automation Suite can propel your 2024 budgeting and scaling ambitions. During this webinar, we will dive into the powerful features of SquareWorks NetSuite-native AP Automation Suite, showcasing the potential of a fully automated AP process. We will also unveil the seamless integration of Paystand with NetSuite, revolutionizing your AR process with automation. Get ready to unlock the secrets to agile financial planning for 2024 and beyond!

SquareWorks Consulting | Gold Sponsorship of SuiteWorld 2023

October 16-19, 2023

Tune in virtually or join us in Las Vegas for SuiteWorld, Oracle NetSuite's annual conference celebrating 25 years of NetSuite. Whether you’re a customer, partner, or developer, SuiteWorld will provide everything you need to know about the suite. At SuiteWorld, SquareWorks will showcase their financial automation platform, Automate. Within Automate lives SquareWorks NetSuite-native AP Automation Suite, which delivers powerful features including AI-Enabled OCR and Invoice Scanning, Advanced Approvals, 3-Way Match, Vendor onboarding and more. In addition to the existing features, SquareWorks will unveil the newest feature, Payment Automation, as well as dicuss their services side including NetSuite Implementations, Optimizations, and Ongoing Support.

Mastering AP Automation in NetSuite from Onboarding Vendors to Invoice Capture & Approvals

August 24, 2023

Don't miss out on our upcoming product demonstration webinar, where we will showcase SquareWorks AP Automation Suite. Witness firsthand how this powerful tool streamlines your vendor onboarding process, from initial setup to seamless invoice capture and approvals. Be inspired by a real-world success story where a customer achieved substantial time savings by implementing SquareWorks Advanced Vendor Onboarding.

Streamline Your Financial Processes with AP & AR Automation in NetSuite

July 13, 2023

Join us for a live webinar hosted by SquareWorks Consulting and 360 Cloud Solutions where we will discuss how you can simplify your AP and AR process in NetSuite through automation. This session includes a demo of SquareWorks AP Automation Suite, highlighting ways to speed up your vendor invoice processing time leveraging AI and OCR, how to enhance controls with the most advanced 3-Way Match validation engine and audit trail, and how to seamlessly onboard vendors in NetSuite. 360 Cloud Solutions will also demonstrate their solution, 360 Subscription Billing, showcasing how you can rapidly align and integrate subscription transactions across Salesforce and NetSuite without the need for building custom automations and integrations.

Increase Efficiency with NetSuite-native AP Automation Featuring AI & OCR

May 25, 2023

Join us for a live webinar hosted by one of our AP Automation Consultants, Mike Johnson, and our Director of Sales and Marketing, Bob Blaisdell. During this discussion, you will learn how you can reduce your manual processes by 50% leveraging SquareWorks AP Automation Suite without ever leaving NetSuite. Tune in to see why 500+ organizations globally are using the suite of features including OCR and AI to process AP invoices more efficiently.

SquareWorks Consulting | Gold Sponsorship of SuiteWorld 2022

September 27-30, 2022

Join us at Oracle NetSuite’s largest conference taking place September 27-30, 2022 at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas & On Air. At SuiteWorld, SquareWorks will introduce its next-generation NetSuite-native financial automation platform which will combine the power of AI-enabled OCR, enhanced approvals, 3-Way-Match, Vendor Onboarding and several exciting new features focused on enhancing NetSuite’s AP Automation capabilities.

Purchasing Automation in NetSuite for the Biotech Firm

June 22, 2021

Join us for a live discussion with Christine Legal from Ziopharm Oncology on how their team has streamlined their AP and Purchasing process with SquareWorks’ Advanced Bill Management for NetSuite. This NetSuite-native AP automation solution is growing very rapidly in popularity and allows companies to use OCR and AI to process AP invoices more efficiently.

Boston NetSuite User Group Meeting

March 11, 2021

Join the Boston NetSuite User Group for the first meeting of 2021! Tune in virtually to the live sessions to learn new techniques, share best practices and identify technical solutions that actually work. Log on to the virtual space, and come prepared to network and ask questions.

Advanced Bill Management | Live Demo #2

December 9, 2020

Please join us for a live demo of our Advanced Bill Management solution. This webinar will take you step by step through the product’s most notable features, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), 3-Way Match and an overview of the most powerful NetSuite approval engine. Tune in to session two for never-before-seen features, including PO line matching and freight cost capturing.

Boston NetSuite User Group Meeting

November 12, 2020

Join the Boston NetSuite User Group for the fourth annual fall summit, now hosted virtually! Visit the SquareWorks Consulting team at our virtual booth for an exclusive live demo zoom link with our solution architect. Tune in to the live sessions to learn new techniques, share best practices and identify technical solutions that actually work. Log on to the virtual space, and come prepared to network and ask questions.

Advanced Bill Management | Live Demo

September 16, 2020

Join our Business Development Executive, David Singleton, and our Solution Architect, Seth Duda, for a live webinar on Advanced Bill Management, our AP Automation Solution for NetSuite. This advanced AP invoice automation engine is built 100% for NetSuite and features a newly revamped pricing structure to ensure every organization can find an edition that is a good fit for their size and transaction volume. This webinar will feature a live walkthrough and use case of this solution from the lead developer, as well as a description of our newest features (including Optical Character Recognition).

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