Outside the Square

At SquareWorks, we realize there is life outside of work. With our employee driven program, Outside the Square, we encourage employees to give back to their local communities. Employees can decide when and how they want to give back by choosing a charity that they are passionate about. In return, SquareWorks makes a small donation to the charities we work with. 

Our Philosophy

At SquareWorks, we have customers and employees throughout the world. While we are not geographically close to our customers or employees, we try to stay connected by giving back to the community as a whole. Our philosophy is to provide significant value to customers and give back. Whether it’s providing on-demand support, helping customers achieve their business goals or supporting causes that are meaningful to SquareWorks employees.

We Believe in the Power of Community

Working with Operation Enduring Warrior and Team Oscar Mike for the Dallas Spartan Weekend was both challenging and inspiring. It was an honor to race beside both teams and work together to empower teammates and athletes to cross the finish line.


Brittni C., competed in a Spartan Race benefiting Operation Enduring Warrior and 

Team Oscar Mike

SquareWorks works with Non-Profits that run NetSuite

Interested in giving back?

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