Data Migrations are complex and lengthy. We help you simplify them (and speed them up) with this simple and easy to use toolkit.

If you are in the process of implementing NetSuite or if you have a Data Migration project because of an acquisition or a system merge, then this bundle will save you a lot of time.

By installing our Data Migration Toolkit, you will be able to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of test records from your NetSuite Tenant with the click of a button. Simply select the type of test record you’d like to remove, enter a list of all internal ID’s and click “Remove”. You will never again have to scroll through hundreds of pages to remove test records that need to be rectified.



Features & Highlights

Allows users to easily remove test records from NetSuite with the click of a button

Provides full compatibility to remove records from standard NetSuite objects or Custom objects as well

Saves time by eliminating the process of manually removing records from NetSuite

Everything resides in NetSuite – there are no external applications


One-Time Fee


Receive up to a $1,000 discount on Bundle pricing with a NetSuite Premium Support Plan.

What's Included


Licensed use of the Bundle from SquareWorks Consulting

Technical Support in case of issues with standard functionality

Functional Documentation of the Data Migration Bundle

Simplify your data migrations in NetSuite

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