Streamline your AP Process in NetSuite by eliminating paper invoices, paper forms, emails and Excel spreadsheets.

The Advanced Bill Management Bundle provides an end-to-end solution to managing your vendor invoices without ever leaving NetSuite. If you are looking to automate your Accounts Payable process in NetSuite, you’ll love this bundle.

Automatically create Vendor Invoice records from an email, or drag and drop them directly into NetSuite. Route invoices for approval within your organization and automatically match invoices against PO’s and PO Receipts. Our Bundle will track every step in the process, so you can have a full audit trail for full compliance.


Features & Highlights

Allows users to create vendor invoice records in NetSuite by Emailing a dedicated Email Address

Allows users to drag-and-drop invoices into NetSuite to automatically create a new Vendor Invoice

Allows users to preview the invoices within NetSuite for easy indexing and detail capture

Provides a fully configurable Workflow Engine to route Vendor Invoices for Approval when necessary

Allows for an easy 3-way matching process between Vendor Invoices, Vendor Bills and Purchase Orders

Provides a full audit trail of every step in the AP Process

Everything resides in NetSuite – there are no external applications




Receive up to a $1,000 discount on Bundle pricing with a NetSuite Premium Support Plan.

What's Included


Licensed use of the Bundle from SquareWorks Consulting

Technical Support in case of issues with standard functionality

Functional Documentation of the Advanced Bill Management Bundle

Streamline your AP Process in NetSuite

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