A Seamless Procure-to-Pay Experience

For Biotech firms, scientists need time and space to research new scientific opportunities. With little time to manage back-office tasks including procure-to-pay, many leverage the combination of NetSuite and Prendio, so a connector is necessary. ProcureWorks, the SquareWorks NetSuite Prendio Connector seamlessly connects the two for an easy and efficient procure-to-pay experience.

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Features & Highlights

SquareWorks NetSuite Prendio Connector

Streamline the Procure-to-Pay Process

Easily sync vendor details between NetSuite ERP application with Prendio purchasing application and reduce the amount of manual work

Accelerate Research & Development

When utilizing the connector, scientists and lab staff can focus on what really matters – researching new scientific opportunities and advancements 

Manage your Budget in NetSuite

In Prendio, attach a copy of the packing slip, purchase order and invoice, which will then be sent to NetSuite so you can actively manage your budget and spend as you go through clinical trials

Increase Controls

Configure any approval rules, whether in Prendio or NetSuite. Leverage SquareWorks Approval Automation and allow employees to approve transactions right from their Email Inbox.

Streamline your procurement process

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