Advanced Bill Management

AP Automation Designed & Built for NetSuite
Speed up your vendor invoice processing times with SquareWorks’ OCR Technology to automatically capture invoice details into NetSuite. 

Approval Workflow Automation

Fully Automated NetSuite Approvals
Easily configure all your approval requirements and let your Employees – regardless of their NetSuite access – approve transactions right from their Email Inbox. 


Easy & Unlimited NetSuite Attachments
Drag and drop any files into NetSuite: Vendor Invoices, Contracts, Expense Receipts or any other files you need. Simplify how your files are managed in NetSuite.


The Most Advanced Check Printing Solution
Say goodbye to your pre-printed check stock, lower your check printing costs and enhance your controls by enabling a better way to print checks in NetSuite.

3 - Way

The most powerful 3-Way Match engine
As NetSuite users receive goods or process invoices from vendors, validations will be run in real-time to identify any variance violations with a 3-Way Match verification.

Advanced Vendor Onboarding

Seamlessly Onboard Vendors in NetSuite
Request information directly from Vendors with the click of a button and easily manage the Vendor Onboarding process without ever leaving NetSuite. 

Journal Entry

Fully-Compliant Journal Entry Reversals
With this add-on, you won’t need “Edit” permission on Journal Entries to reverse a Journal, giving you a fully-compliant journal entry reversal process with one click.

Can’t find a NetSuite Bundle that meets your needs?

SquareWorks Consulting offers a unique program called SquareBuilder. This program evaluates NetSuite Add-On ideas from customers and prospects. If your idea can be widely adopted by other companies, we can build the add-on at a reduced cost, making this a more affordable option for your company. If you have an idea that you think may qualify, contact us now!

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