Extend your ERP’s functionality with our NetSuite Add-ons.


Vendor Request Bundle for NetSuite

The easiest way to manage your vendor on-boarding process. Protect your company against fraud and ensure SOX compliance while boosting efficiency for your Finance Team.


Check Printing Bundle for NetSuite

Say goodbye to pre-printed check stock. The most secure, easy and cost-effective way to print checks from NetSuite is now available.


Data Migration Bundle for NetSuite

If you’re migrating data into NetSuite you will love this bundle. Our Data Migration toolkit will allow you to mass-remove test transactions from your NetSuite Tenant with a single click.


Journal Reversal Bundle for NetSuite

Are you looking for a simple way to reverse a Journal Entry in NetSuite with the click of a button? Our Bundle will save you time and energy (and clicks!).


Advanced Bill Management for NetSuite

Streamline your AP Process in NetSuite by eliminating paper invoices, paper forms, emails and Excel spreadsheets. An end-to-end solution to managing your vendor invoices.


Advanced Attachments for NetSuite

Storing, managing and viewing attachments in NetSuite has never been easier.  The Advanced Attachments Bundle gives you unlimited storage of attachments.


Approval Automation for NetSuite

Take control of your business by automating the approval process of any transaction or record in NetSuite.


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Can’t find a NetSuite Bundle that meets your needs?

SquareWorks Consulting offers a unique program called SquareBuilder. This program evaluates NetSuite Bundle ideas from customers and prospects. If your idea can be widely adopted by other companies, we can build the bundle at a reduced cost, making this a more affordable option for your company. If you have an idea that you think may qualify, contact us now!

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