Approval Automation for NetSuite


Fully Automated NetSuite Approvals

Easily configure all your approval requirements and let your Employees – regardless of their NetSuite access – approve transactions right from their Email Inbox. Save time with a fully automated approval process and keep strong controls by using our Real-Time 3-Way Match validation engine and our approval audit features.

Email Approvals. No NetSuite Access Needed.

Easily configure all your approval requirements and let your Employees – regardless of their NetSuite access – view and approve vendor invoices right from their Email Inbox.

Approval Automation

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Approval Automation – Audit Trail

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Full Audit Trail at your Fingertips.

A full audit trail is available with detailed information about every step in the payables process.

Features & Highlights

Approve any transaction in NetSuite including: Vendors, Vendor Bills, Vendor Credits, Purchases Orders, and Purchase Requisitions

Define multiple approval flows for each record – Automatically select the correct approval flow based on your unique business requirements

Configure any approval rules – including a complex looking approval matrix (e.g. define approver(s) based on the combination of Subsidiary, Line Level Department, Class, etc with approval levels and limits defined) – Guaranteed!

Simplify the process to make changes to your approval flows without editing complex scripts or workflows

Add any necessary controls to make sure your company is protected against fraud – even custom records are supported

Easily allow employees to approve or deny requests through email without logging into NetSuite – All Employees in your company will be able to approve, regardless of their NetSuite access level

Deliver the best Employee experience by customizing the Email approval messages and templates – You will be in full control

Increase your visibility with a full Audit Log of every step in the Approval Process – including date and time when all approvals take place

Easily extend our approval functionality without worrying about future upgrades breaking your changes

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Customer Success Story

Wellframe Inc.

Through a personalized assessment of their business and control needs, SquareWorks Consulting worked with Wellframe, Inc. to implement Approval Automation to redesign their approval processes and help them scale.

SquareWorks’ Approval Automation is definitely saving time in our approval flow and being able to be confident that each invoice has been fully approved has been great for our team.

Ashley Rowe, Finance and Accounting Manager, Wellframe, Inc.

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