Automate AP Automation Suite
Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Automate is the very first Financial Automation Platform built entirely within NetSuite. Automate consists of Automation Suites, with our AP Automation Suite being the first Suite within Automate.

SquareWorks’ AP Automation Suite is the first Suite within Automate. The AP Automation Suite includes a series of advanced features that enhances a NetSuite user’s experience using Accounts Payable. These highly-rated advanced features are being leveraged by more than 400 organizations globally.

Our AP Automation Suite will deliver the most advanced NetSuite-native experience and features, which are outlined HERE.

All features of SquareWorks’ Add-Ons are still available, but now are part of Automate’s AP Automation Suite.

NetSuite-native means that the Automate platform and features within are installed and are embedded within a NetSuite user-interface without the need for any integrations, separate logins, or alternate user-interface. Automate users will not be able to tell where NetSuite ends and Automate begins which leads to faster user-adoption.

Integrations that synchronize data between systems are often not real-time which adds technical risks and could cause for limited support for NetSuite Sandbox accounts. No integrations also means a single user-interface, leading to a better user experience in NetSuite.

Automate’s AI-Enabled OCR and Invoice Scanning feature supports over 30 languages and is in use across the globe.

Absolutely. You’ll need to purchase the Automate Edition that includes the feature you’re interested in and you’ll have the ability to grow into the broader feature-set over time.

Yes, we have more than 400 customers globally who leverage one to many features of the automate platform from months to years. To hear from our customers, check out our case studies HERE.

No, you will need to purchase the entire Automate Edition that includes the minimum feature set that you require, but you’ll be able to grow into the broader feature-set over time.

There is both a license and implementation investment that depends on the edition that is best for your organization. For more information, please contact your primary SquareWorks resource or email

Implementation timeline depends entirely on the edition and the features within the edition that you intend to leverage. Typical implementation timelines vary from a few weeks to a few months on average.

You can downgrade after the initial 12-month agreement, and you can upgrade at anytime to gain additional features and functionality. Additional pro-rated license and implementation investments will apply.

The Automate platform is rapidly expanding and will soon include additional suites outside of AP.

Existing Customer Questions

All functionality previously offered as an “Add-On” will now be offered via Automate. If you are a subscriber of a legacy “Add-On”, you will continue to own the features you have purchased and SquareWorks will continue to support them. However, as part of this upgrade to Automate, you will have the option to leverage more and new functionality if you decide to move to one of the new editions of Automate. If you prefer to stay with your legacy edition, you can do so.

Yes, unless you would like to leverage more features and functionality that what you have today, no action is needed. However, upgrading to the new AP Automation Suite editions does bring along many new powerful AP Automation features.

If you are looking to explore additional features/ functionality of the AP Automation Suite, please contact your primary SquareWorks resource or email and either they will be able to help or we direct you to someone who can. Based on the legacy “Add-Ons” that you currently leverage, we will help you to determine the best possible path for you to move to one of the new editions of the AP Automation Suite.

This depends on the edition that is best for your organization. If you are adding new features that require you to implement Automate, then you’ll be quoted a new license and implementation investment, as well as a timeline.

Existing Prospect Questions

You can still purchase the legacy Add-On edition that you were quoted if an SOW is executed on or before 10-31-2022. Add-Ons offered previously are now features of the AP Automation Suite, so will continue to grow along with the Automate platform. Alternatively, you can request a quote for one of the new editions of the AP Automation Suite if you prefer.

Typically not, but it depends on the edition selected and if there is additional functionality included that you would like implemented.

This depends on the nature and quantity of Add-On editions previously quoted. Please contact your sales representative for a comparative analysis.

Technical Questions

Yes, Vendor Onboarding forms are securely hosted directly in your NetSuite account. Forms are built by design to act as a one-way feed of vendor information into your account without ever exposing your NetSuite data externally.

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