Powerful & Flexible Pricing in NetSuite

At SquareWorks we understand that every company has unique needs when setting prices for customers. Take your NetSuite environment to the next level and support the most complex business and customer demands. PriceWorks is a tailored solution that goes above and beyond standard pricing calculation in order to make your sales process more efficient.

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The most advanced pricing solution built 100% for NetSuite

Create Powerful Pricing Rules.

Whether it’s calculating pricing based on location, metrics, mathematical formulas, cost, seasonal demands or promotional discounts, PriceWorks will accommodate your most complex needs.

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Easily Maintain Pricing Data.

PriceWorks makes maintenance of pricing-related data fast, simple and easy whether managing pricing in Excel, uploading your file via PriceWorks or connecting to external systems that hold data needed for pricing calculations.

Switch Between Pricing Rules.

Seamlessly leverage Effective Dates to plan pricing in advance and maintain seasonal and promotional discounts. Once an Effective Date ends, pricing automatically reverts to the original formula which saves you time.

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Features & Highlights

PriceWorks Solves Your Industry Specific Pricing Needs

We recognize that industries have different pricing needs. Check out some common examples below:


Plan pricing in advance to maximize profits. Encourage customers to buy food and beverage products before expiration occurs leaving you with more money in your pocket.


Easily manage your pricing needs in one system. Publish custom pricing to external websites through seamless integrations with SuiteCommerce Advanced, Shopify and more.


Quickly and accurately modify pricing based on internal and external market factors. For example, utilize PriceWorks to accommodate market fluctuations through cost-based pricing.


Since our tailored solution offers flexibility, various industries can utilize PriceWorks to their advantage. Maximize profits and take control of pricing with PriceWorks! 

PriceWorks Helps Companies Manage Every Pricing Need

See how other companies manage their pricing rules to meet the demands of their business

Attribute-Based Pricing

Base pricing on defined datapoint combinations including, but not limited to, location, jurisdiction, etc.

Effective Date

Easily maintain promotional and seasonal pricing based on pricing start and end dates.


Calculate pricing based on various metrics such as cost-to-carry, cost-to-produce, cost-to-labor etc.

Formula Based Pricing

Utilize custom mathematical formulas to calculate pricing and go beyond a static


Don't see your use case? Our Solution Consultants will help tailor your solution to your specific business needs.

Take control of your pricing in NetSuite

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